Winning Formula For Horses
By Charlotte Cunningham | 13 September 2011

Rebecka Blenntoft from Deddington, Banbury, is one of the first fully qualified Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapists to practice on horses in the UK.

Such is the success of the treatment, that Rebecka is now in demand at racing yards all over the country using her winning combination of Equine Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Oscillation, and professionally applied Kinesio Taping.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a very specific type of massage technique that encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body. The added application of Kinesio Taping is proving to be a winning formula, with equine recovery times, swelling and scarring dramatically reduced.

Rebecka first used the technique successfully on a shoulder injury she herself sustained in 2008 after a fall from a horse, which nothing seemed to fix ? even two years of physiotherapy. She eventually started looking around for other methods to help her pain, discovered MLD - a therapy technique developed in Europe - and has never looked back.

Rebecka says ?I couldn?t believe that something so gentle had such a powerful effect. From then on my shoulder just healed up. As I?ve worked with horses all my life, I was sure it would be just as effective on equine injuries as well as human so I decided to look into it.?

Rebecka trained with equine vet, Professor Routenfeld Dirk Berens von Rautenfeld at the The Veterinary University of Hanover and became the UK?s first Equine Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist in early 2010.

She?s now in demand all over the UK and uses Kinesio Taping as well as MLD in many equine injuries including tendon injuries, muscle strains, wounds and post surgery recovery as well as encouraging healing after cases of cellulitis and lymphangitis. She says ?It?s such a gentle strapping that the horses don?t seem to even realise they?re wearing it because it mimics the feel of their skin, but yet it?s so supportive and powerful ? and doesn?t hinder their natural range of motion in any way.

?A year ago, I was called to treat a horse that had lacerated his leg. He needed 20 stitches and his foreleg was very badly swollen. The vet said it would take three months to heal and the scarring would be very bad. I used MLD and Deep Oscillation to reduce the swelling and pain associated with the injury. I then used Kinesio Tape once the scar was stabilised. I wanted to prove how effective it was so only used the Kinesio Tape over the worst scar and left the others untaped. Within three weeks the leg had healed up and the badly scarred area that had been Kinesio Taped ended up looking much better than the rest.?

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