Cycling Medic Has It Taped
By Charlotte Cunningham | 24 November 2011

In hisbook Every Second Counts, Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong mentioned how his team used a "special hot-pink athletic tape that came from Japan and seemed to have magical powers."

This hot-pink tape isn't just a magical quick fix, however. Kinesio Taping has been used extensively in Japan for 25 years, where it was originally developed by Dr Kenzo Kase. It alleviates pain in muscular and joint injuries, reducing swelling and inflammation. Unlike other forms of strapping, it allows a full range of movement, and can also be used as a preventative, supportive measure against further injury. As Lance says:

"The tape worked, so we kept it, because it could fix things."

Elite cyclist and full time GP Alex Highham, 33, from Surrey, was also thrilled with the speedy results of Kinesio Tape. Alex was involved in a high-speed cycling accident at the Lincoln Grand Prix in May 2011; he fell at 45-50kph into tarmac and slid three metres along the road, culminating in a 40kph impact into a solid iron parking bollard. Alex sustained impact injuries to his right lower leg, back and buttock. Two days later, Ian Wrightson, Sports Therapist at Optimum Fitness, Guildford and Kinesio certified practitioner, applied Kinesio Tape to Alex's injuries as part of his treatment. Within 72 hours, Alex was able to start gentle training and return to work. He says:

"There was definite improvement immediately, and I was able to continue work and training, returning back to full fitness far sooner than anticipated. I now discuss using Kinesio Taping with patients within the NHS, and refer them to Ian for further treatment. Kinesio Tape is great for mending on the move!" And now, Kinesio Taping is available to buy on the British high-street. Kinesio Pre-cut is available exclusively at Boots stores nationwide and online, in convenient pre-cut packs for lower back, neck, shoulder, knee, wrist or foot. The tape retails at £5.99 for one application, which is effective for three days. It's comfortable, latex-free, waterproof and available in bright, funky colours to suit everyone's style!


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