Kinesio Skater
By Kate Slater | 21 December 2011

Promising figure skater Harriet Haines, 20, from Ilkley, was faced with hanging up her skates for good when she sustained a injury to her left leg during a competition warm-up.

Harriet, who has skated since she was three years old had passed her Skate UK Gold Certificate and was well on the way to skating stardom when disaster struck two years ago.

Although she continued to train after the injury, Harriet, a Leeds Metropolitan University student, was plagued with recurring pain in her leg and eventually realised she needed long-term therapy to recover from the significant hamstring injury. Traditional physiotherapy, electro-acupuncture and exercises improved her symptoms, but the injury started to niggle again last summer and so it was time to try a new treatment.

Physiotherapists at the Valley Clinic in Ilkley had just completed an intensive training course in Kinesio Taping and considered that it might be beneficial for Harriet. The taping is used widely by elite athletes to facilitate or inhibit muscles and to reduce inflammation and improve circulation.

Liz Blizzard, fully-qualified Kinesio Taping practitioner at the clinic applied the taping to Harriet's left leg.

Harriet said: "The taping seemed to support my injury as well as allowing me a full range of movement and I was able to do spins and manoeuvres straight away that I hadn't been able to do at all before."

Now Harriet is back on skates, she has participated in a training camp in Austria and is applying to perform in ice shows such as Disney On Ice and Holiday On Ice all over the world.

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