Kinesio kicks in for results
By Kate Slater | 01 February 2012
James Finnerty with Kinesio Taping in place

James Finnerty (28) from Castletown in County Meath truly thought his gaelic football playing days were over after an injury in March 2011. Following an MRI Scan he was diagnosed with Osteo Pubis which is an inflammation of the pubic bone. It caused him so much pain he could barely walk, never mind kick a ball.

James, was a key member of the team at Castletown Gaelic Football Club. He was devastated at the thought of giving up his beloved football. His work as a farm labourer was also in jeopardy as he was no longer physically capable of carrying out all his usual duties.

After trying a number of remedies and treatments which didn?t work and even made the injury more painful , James turned to the Athboy Sports Therapy Clinic in County Meath in May 2011, and consulted David Ivers, a sports injury Massage and remedial therapist who is also a qualified Kinesio Taping Practitioner.

On examination, and by isolating each of the surrounding muscles in turn, David found the problem area was the Psoas muscle (a long muscle located on the side of the lumbar region of the vertebral column and brim of the lesser pelvis) the Adductors and the Abdominals. When the inner thigh muscle or adductor muscles contract, they bring the legs across the midline of the body ? so they are of crucial importance to a footballer. The abdominals provide posture. David performed deep tissue massage, muscle energy techniques and positional release treatments, then applied Kinesio Tape to these areas. Two treatments were performed in the first week and James was able to walk with only a little discomfort immediately after these sessions which each lasted for approx 45 minutes.

James Finnerty with Kinesio Taping being applied

James was able to keep the Kinesio Tape in place for several days as it is waterproof, comfortable and patients are able to bath and shower while wearing it. He returned to Athboy Sports Therapy Clinic a week later, where David treated the area again and applied further Kinesio Taping to the psoas, abductors and abdominals and advised James to start to jog very gently. After a third week with David, James was able to kick a football again for the first time in months. By the fourth and fifth week, James was training under the guidance of David and indeed played in a match for fifteen minutes. By July with weekly treatments and taping before every game he was playing for thirty minutes. On the 9th of October he played in the Division II final. Castletown won the cup and James played for 50 minutes. Result!

James says: "Last May, I wasn?t able to work without pain, I couldn?t play football and life was looking bleak to say the least. If I hadn?t gone along to the Athboy Sports Therapy Clinic and been treated by David who used the Kinesio Taping technique along with other techniques then god knows what would have happened. I?m very indebted to him. The injury has almost completely cleared up now but I know exactly what I?d do if it happened again."

David Ivers who treats scores of patients with Kinesio Tape, including many pregnant women with back pain , children with plantar problems along with many other injuries says: "The Kinesio Tape worked a treat for James. I applied it in a particular way that relaxed the afflicted muscles which were chronic tight muscles and allowed them to relax so that I could treat and advise a rehab program. It?s an incredibly versatile form of therapeutic taping. Applied correctly and combined with deep tissue massage, it can help even the most stubborn injuries."

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