Stick'em up with Kinesio!
By Kate Slater | 28 March 2012

David Beckham famously wore shocking pink Kinesio Taping - the tape that mends you on the move - †on his torso during a football match in 2008 and John Bishop may have used it recently in his Comic Relief Triathlon but now it looks like all the stars are wearing it...... but for a very different reason.

< Real SFX - one of the UK’s leading special effects companies, provides stunts and special effects for many well known, popular TV productions and films. SFX Supervisors there have discovered that Kinesio Taping, the therapeutic taping used for pain relief and healing of sporting injuries, is perfect for attaching squibs and blood bags to actors’ bodies in dramatic shoot outs and stunts.

Kinesio Taping is lightweight, yet supportive, hypoallergenic and totally waterproof, so it’s very comfortable for actors to wear on their skin. The blood squibs stay in place perfectly due to the strong, yet gentle adhesive.† Finally, because Kinesio Tape is flexible and is designed to allow a full range of movement whilst worn, there’s no restriction on the action!

Bright blue and pink Kinesio Tape is well known on the sports field and athletics track. It’s used by high profile sports stars and athletes, including footballer Gareth Bale, tennis player Novak Djokovic and many of the TeamGB cycling team.† But not many people know that Kinesio Tape is also used in clinics and hospitals to effectively treat elderly people, and young children with conditions including lymphedema and joint disorders.

The flesh or black coloured Kinesio Taping is ideal for use under actors’ costumes as it can be easily disguised. Real SFX have put in a substantial order to supply the stunts for many 2012 and 2013 TV dramas.

Kevin Anderson, Managing Director of Kinesio UK says: “We love it that Kinesio Taping is being used on films for special effects. We’re not surprised actors like wearing it’s so comfortable and they can move freely while wearing it. If any stars happen to have aches and pains on set, the tape will help at the same time!† Years of research have gone into Kinesio Taping to ensure it is hypoallergenic, flexible and totally waterproof so this means it’s ideal for actors to wear on their skin, to secure blood bags, or even enhance a cleavage or two. Kinesio Taping is very strong, yet light, leaves no trace of glue and is easy to tear.”

Real SFX is an innovative and progressive company that provides a wide range of atmospheric, mechanical and pyrotechnic effects. †All work is overseen by Danny Hargreaves who has over 15 years experience in the industry and his reputation for consistently providing cutting edge special effects along with his integrity and attention to detail has built him an impressive client portfolio. The company were nominated for an Emmy Award for Sherlock and an RTS Award for their work on the Coronation Street tram crash that marked the drama’s 50th anniversary.

Over 2,500 healthcare professionals have been trained in Kinesio Taping techniques all over the UK, South Africa and India, as well as 200 physiotherapists from all UK Premiership football clubs. It is recognised as an innovative, non medicinal and highly effective treatment for a range of ailments, sports injuries, muscular and joint complaints, swelling and joint pain in all ages.

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