Team GB Equine
By Kate Slater | 27 June 2012

Darlington based Chartered Physiotherapist Lee Clark has been chosen by LOCOG to be one of a small team of equine physiotherapists, vets and farriers providing services to horses at the London 2012 Olympics.

Lee Clark is one of only two Kinesio instructors in the country qualified to use Kinesio Taping on horses. Kinesio Taping has also been seen on many athletes including Gareth Bale, David Beckham, Tom Daley and Novak Djokovic and is expected to be widely used during London 2012.

When not working at the Olympics, Lee treats both horses and humans. He specialises in tendon and ligament injuries and treats racehorses, eventers, show jumpers and dressage horses all over the North ? as well as their riders!

Lee Clark runs The Physiotherapy Clinic at Darlington and Northallerton. He also runs the Equine Physiotherapy Clinic in Sadberge near Darlington and has a residential facility at his yard where horses can convalesce after surgery.

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