Great North Run 2012
By Kate Slater | 15 September 2012

Athletes lined up in their hundreds to be Kinesio taped the day before the Great North Run.

The Pasta Party held in Gateshead on 15 September is always a great opportunity for runners to mingle, get last minute advice and share a bowl of pasta.

And the Kinesio team, including Directors Kevin and Laura, were there this year in force. Kinesio Course Coordinator Rebecca and Lauren manned the stall while Kinesio Practitioner Amy Barden did the taping.

Young and old, small or large, runners waited patiently for the chance to have their aching muscles strapped up ready for the big event the next day.

Resident therapist Amy?s fingers were flying as she expertly taped over 200 runners in the colour of their choice throughout the day.

Managing Director Kevin Anderson has now pledged £209 - £1 for every person treated ? to seb4CHUF, a North East charity which supports the Children?s Heart Unit at the Freeman Hospital. On receiving the donation, Ivan Hollingsworth from seb4CHUF said “Wow! That is so kind of Kevin and everyone at Kinesio UK. There isn't a day that passes where I don't find myself warmed by the generosity of mankind and you guys have done so much to support us.”

Therapist and fully qualified KT practitioner Amy said “Most of the problems I treated were muscular and had been caused by over-use through training. There were a lot of tight muscles and the usual strains you would expect from people trying to pack in too much training into too short a time span!

“I also saw a few cases of Plantar fasciitis ? which is an inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. This occurs when this thick tissue is overstretched or overused and is very common with long-distance runners, especially if they often run downhill or on uneven surfaces.”

“I was pleased to say nearly every single one of the runners expressed relief as soon as I'd taped them. Kinesio Tape correctly applied has an immediate, supporting effect on aching muscles, which patients love.”

Amy saw an equal amount of male and female runners at the pasta party and reported that blue was the favourite Kinesio Taping colour chosen.

Managing Director Kevin Anderson said: “We were overwhelmed at the popularity of our stand at the Great North Run Pasta Party and pleased that we could help runners and also donate to a local charity at the same time.”

This year?s Great North Run was hailed as the best ever by organisers NOVA International. Olympic legend Mo Farah fired the starting pistol and a record 39,953 runners turned out.

Amy Barden does Kinesio Taping at The Performance Clinic in Gateshead or can be contacted on 07912 253541

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