Kinesio Taping for Hemiplegia
By Kate Slater | 17 October 2012
Two year old Luke Hayes wearing Kinesio taping to treat hemiplegia

Kinesio Taping was brought to world attention at the London 2012 Olympics, but few people are aware that the brightly coloured therapeutic taping has been used internationally for many years in children?s medicine. It is also used in UK hospitals for the treatment of lymphoedema, a swelling in the limbs caused by blockage of the lymph passages.

Catherine Turner, a qualified sports therapist and Kinesio Instructor from North Wales, has been treating two year old Luke Hayes from Wrexham. Luke has hemiplegia, a condition which affects one side of the body. It is a relatively common childhood condition and affects one in 1000 children. Hemiplegia is different in each child but the most obvious result is a degree of weakness and lack of control in the affected side of the body. Luke has right-sided hemiplegia.

Luke has limited use of his right hand and limps because he struggles to put his right heel down on the floor. Catherine is using Kinesio tape to relax the flexor muscles in Luke?s arm and to assist with his forearm extension.

For Luke?s foot, Catherine is using gastrocnemius (calf) muscle inhibition to relax the calf muscles and is using Kinesio Taping to give him assistance in lifting up his toes.

Catherine says: ?Luke?s hand is more relaxed with the tape and he is now using his right hand more. His heel is down slightly more and he?s more aware of his right side as the colour of the tape is in his vision.? The Kinesio Taping courses in London and Newcastle are suitable for physiotherapists, sports therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, occupational therapists and lymphoedema therapists.

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