Kinesio undercover with Team Evolution
By Kate Slater | 24 October 2012
Max Baggio, British Overall Junior Mens Champion 2012 in action

Kinesio Tape made a highly visible appearance during the Olympics over the summer, but now the brightly coloured therapeutic tape is going undercover ? literally - with Team Evolution Alpine Racing.

Talented children as young as 9 years old, who train with the elite UK alpine racing squad, Team Evolution, will now have a ready supply of Kinesio Tape provided by their new sponsor, Kinesio UK.

Although it won't be seen on the ski slopes because the children will be wearing layers of thermal clothing over the top, the Kinesio Tape will still be doing its job ? that is supporting injured muscles, helping to reduce pain and allowing kids to ?mend on the move'. For energetic children who hate staying still, but who need support for their injuries, it's the ideal solution.

Team Evolution is a UK alpine performance training group, which works as part of a structured, professional Alpine Academy programme and achieves the highest standard of performance within alpine racing whilst also providing educational support and personal development. There are three teams in total: minis (9-11 years old); children (11-15); and juniors (15-18).

The Team Evolution Athletic Programme is designed to support and develop a select team of focused and talented, young Alpine athletes throughout a rolling 12 month period. Whilst the primary focus of the Athletic Programme is to help these athletes achieve elite sporting goals, the ideals and objectives of Team Evolution are wider ranging. Their aims are not just to develop World Class skiers, but to use sport as a platform to learn valuable life skills.

Max Moss (both Team Evolution)

Yannick Green, Team Evolution's Communications Director says: This is the start of a great relationship for another big season of ski racing. We have many big races coming up for our athletes including World Junior championships, Youth Olympic Trials and National Races that are going to be tough but we are confident they will do well. Kinesio taping will certainly give that extra support to all our athletes in training and on race days.

Kevin Anderson, MD, Kinesio Taping says: ?Children enjoy wearing Kinesio Taping because unlike other forms of therapeutic strapping, it's comfortable, hypoallergenic and fully waterproof. That means kids can wear it for quite a few days; they can have a shower or bath whilst wearing it; and they can also get a good night's sleep without discomfort. On top of all that it's helping them heal. The talented young athletes from Team Evolution are training hard on a daily basis, so it's wise for them to have a ready supply of Kinesio Taping in stock for all eventualities. Kinesio UK is delighted to be associated with Team Evolution and will be watching their progress with interest.

For more information on Kinesio Taping, go to or call 0191 287 7008. For more information on Team Evolution, go to

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