Kinesio Attends ACPSM Event
By Kinesio UK | 05 November 2012
Games Makers

With the ACPSM (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine) being recognised as one of the leading organisations for sports and exercise medicine, Kinesio UK was delighted to support their “Thank you to the Games Makers Event” at the Royal College of Surgeons in London on November 4th 2012.

In 2011 over 250,000 people applied to be volunteers, Games Makers, at the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Only 70,000 applicants were eventually chosen by LOCOG to be Games Makers and among this number were around 800 chartered physiotherapists. Many of these physiotherapists were assigned positions within the state of the art Polyclinic, treating some of the world’s top athletes, while others used their skills in a number of back up roles.

With all of the physiotherapist volunteers at the Games giving their time for free, paying for their accommodation and, in some cases, having to take unpaid leave from their jobs, the ACPSM felt that a “Thank you” event would be a great way for the practitioners involved to network, share experiences from the Olympics and encourage therapists to get involved with the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

The teaching halls of the Royal College of Surgeons provided a stunning backdrop for an interesting and exciting programme of lectures. Opening the study day with overviews of the 2012 Games were Lynn Booth (Lead for Physical Therapies LOCOG), Caryl Becker (Chief Physio Team GB) and Rosie Mew (Chief Physio Team PGB). Sharing their experiences and lessons learned from the Games were several Team GB physiotherapists and, with excitement growing for the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, Fiona Mather from SportsScotland discussed a variety of volunteer opportunities.

Managing Director, Kevin Anderson, who attended the study day as one of the trade exhibitors, and stepped in as photographer to take the official ACPSM Games Makers photo, said “Kinesio UK was very pleased to be invited to the ACPSM Games Makers Event. With over 200 Physiotherapy representatives from National Governing Bodies, Home Country Institutes and professional sports, the event provided a unique opportunity for us to speak to many practitioners who had used or seen Kinesio Taping during the Olympics and Paralympics. With Kinesio Taping’s high profile at both Games, there was significant interest at the event in training courses and our research program. We look forward to working with ACPSM members and supporting the Association with future events”.

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