Christmas takes its toll on the nation's shoulders
By Kate Slater | 02 January 2013

Bosses at North East based Kinesio Taping UK ? home of the brightly coloured therapeutic taping seen all over international athletes during the London Olympics - have been baffled at the latest sales figures.

Since mid December, it seems that the 'shoulder' taping application from the Kinesio 'pre-cut' range has been outstripping all the other applications (knee, foot, wrist, back and neck) and has taken 34% of all sales to be the top performer over the festive season. Usually the knee application pre-cut tape is head and shoulders above the rest and 'shoulder' pre-cut takes around 15% - 20% of sales.

Kevin Anderson, Managing Director of Kinesio UK says:

'It's quite astonishing. We've been pouring over the December sales figures this morning and the only explanation we can think of is that Christmas has taken its toll on the nation's shoulders! Many of us have been carrying heavy presents and food shopping, decorating trees and taking turkeys in and out of the oven so I suppose it's not surprising that our shoulders have been suffering. Kinesio Taping is particularly popular with sportspeople as was plain to see during London 2012, but it's useful for many different aches and pains in all ages and is increasingly being used within the NHS for the treatment of young children with cerebral palsy and also for the treatment of lymphoedema.

'Although we have sympathy for everyone whose shoulders have been bearing the brunt of Christmas, we're pleased to see this unexpected surge in sales in the family market - and if you are using Kinesio Taping, it will certainly help you. If anyone can offer another explanation, I'd love to hear it!'

Kinesio pre-cut is available from Boots and other retails outlets. You can also contact an approved Kinesio practitioner who can apply it for ou. For more information go to or call 0191 287 7008

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