The Winning Tape
By Karen Dent | 05 April 2013

NECC Contact magazine interviews managing director Kevin Anderson.

As MD of Kinesio UK, Kevin Anderson is the man who?s got some of the country?s leading elite athletes ? and horses, oddly enough ? wearing that crazily coloured therapeutic tape used for treating athletic injuries and a variety of physical disorders. Amazing stuff, Kinesio Tape was developed in Japan 40 years ago and introduced into the UK in 2004 by Anderson, who bases his business in Newcastle.

Q You?re meeting someone for the first time in a busy place ? how will they recognise you?

I wouldn?t normally use Kinesio tape for this purpose, but on a few occasions, wearing the brightly coloured tape has helped me to stand out in a crowd (honestly!).

Q What?s the best job you?ve ever had?

Unoriginal though it sounds, it?s my current one. I?ve had a few different jobs and each has offered some great experiences and diverse opportunities, but nothing compares to what I?m doing now.

Q Who or what has most inspired you in your life?

We are often inspired by the people closest to us and I was lucky to have an incredible grandfather. Born in 1909, he left school to work as a shipping clerk on Newcastle quayside. Speaking fluent Danish, during WWII he served in the Intelligence Corps and in the 1950s he was Danish Consul, receiving a Danish knighthood for his services. His career saw him climb the ladder to become a director of the Stephenson Clarke shipping company. He had a happy and successful life and lived to be 100. His achievements left a great legacy and I hope I have inherited some of his business acumen. On a less serious note, Wile E Coyote because he never gives up, although I like to think I am a little more successful in my ventures.

Q What?s the best decision you ever made?

In my early twenties I left a good job working as a software developer at Sage to set up my own business. It was an exciting, big decision. Being your own boss presents many new challenges and I have learnt a lot of valuable lessons along the way. It?s the highest risk, but the best decision I have made.

Q What would you do if you knew you couldn?t fail?

Whatever I could to make a positive difference to people?s lives.

Q How would your closest colleague describe you?

You?ll have to ask them that! But I?d like to think they find me enthusiastic, full of ideas, extremely hard working and always willing to see their point of view.

Q What do you believe?

I believe success comes not from one individual, but from the collective input of many.

Q What would you be doing if not this?

I enjoy having my own business and being master of my own destiny. So, if I wasn?t doing my current job, I would still want to pursue something under my own steam – perhaps returning to my roots in software development.

Q Which word or phrase do you most overuse?

Work smarter, not harder. My business colleagues would say that I use this phrase a lot!

Q Is there anything you find really scary?

In the current economic climate, managing business growth is one of the biggest and scariest challenges. That?s not to say I don?t find it exciting, but it does mean increased commitment, responsibility and some sleepless nights.

Q What would be the title of the movie version of your life?

The Only Way is Up!

This article has been copied with permission from NECC Contact Magazine. Original Article can be found here.

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