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By Kate Slater | 06 June 2013

Book Update

The new third edition of the official Kinesio Taping text book 'Clinical Therapeutic Applications of the Kinesio Taping Method' is now in stock at UK Head Office and is flying off the shelves faster than Gareth Bale down the left wing.

Written collaboratively by Dr Kenzo Kase, founder of the Kinesio Taping Method; Jim Wallis, MS, ATC,CKTI; and Tsuyoshi Kase AT, CKTI, the book's clear colour pictures and diagrams are the first thing that differentiate it from its 2006 predecessor, which was illustrated in black and white.

But there's certainly more to this new edition than just a splash of colour. Kinesio UK caught up with co-writer Jim Wallis for some inside cover information.

Jim Wallis Interview

Jim is currently Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine at Portland State University and has worked with Dr Kenzo Kase on all three official Kinesio Taping books - the first in 1998, the second in 2006 and the third in 2013.

Jim explains that the third edition has some fundamental differences in the way the information is presented and that rather than practitioners being given only one way to tape a condition, this book offers a number of options.

He says: "As well as beautifully clear, colour photographs which demonstrate exactly how and where to apply tape, our third edition takes a more holistic approach to Kinesio Taping. The practitioner is presented with several taping alternatives and through their professional assessment of the condition and its severity, can then decide on one of several taping methods offered.

"Just as the human body evolves continually, so we are continually developing new and effective new ways in which Kinesio Tape, which is designed to mimic human skin, can help people with injury or pain."

Jim Wallis and Dr Kenzo Kase's writing collaboration evolved just as naturally as the Kinesio Taping Method itself. Back in 1994, Jim, who was working as an athletic trainer in Portland, US, was invited to Japan to deliver a presentation to a group of judo therapists. They introduced him to Kinesio Taping, and he was fascinated by its results.

Back home in Portland, he was contacted by Dr Kenzo Kase himself, who lived in New Mexico. Dr Kase had heard of his interest and Jim was keen to learn more. In 1995, Jim invited Dr Kase to address a Regional Athletic Trainers meeting, learnt a few techniques for himself, tried them out on injured athletes, and was astounded at the results.

From then on, Dr Kenzo Kase and Jim Wallis researched and worked on different taping methods with athletes continually. Dr Kase would demonstrate a successful technique and in order to remember it, Jim would write it down. Over time this evolved into several piles of notes and diagrams until the pair decided to commit it all to print in the first Clinical Therapeutic Applications of the Kinesio Taping Method in 1998. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Kinesio Taping Method has now taken the world by storm with athletes from 80 countries wearing the brightly coloured stripes at London 2012 Olympics and now over 4,000 trained Kinesio Practitioners in the UK alone.

Jim says: "Back in 1998, the only people I saw wearing Kinesio Taping were my own athletes. Now every guy jogging past me in the street is wearing it! It's almost unbelievable but then I know for myself how good this stuff is. Dr Kase's lifelong commitment for Kinesio is not to tell practitioners HOW to treat their patients but rather put the materials and knowledge into their hands to they can help those patients have less pain and get better long term. Judging by the amount of Kinesio Taping around the world these days, I'd say he was well on the way to fulfilling that commitment!"

Available Now

The third edition of 'Clinical Therapeutic Applications of the Kinesio Taping Method' is available now at £35.00

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