Audley case study
By Kate Slater | 23 January 2014

Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist Megan Rees BSc Hons, MCSP, MSc, runs Bournefield Animal Rehabilitation Centre at Bradfield near Reading.

Megan graduated as a Physiotherapist in 1999 She worked in the NHS for 2 years and then joined the British Army where she specialised in sports injuries and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. She studied at the Royal Veterinary College receiving a Masters degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy in 2006. She has been involved with horses from a very young age, winning the National Horse Trials Championships in 2002 and 2005. She regularly competes her own and homebred horses in British Eventing up to FEI 2* level.

Megan had been interested in taping as a treatment for horses but hadn't had much success with traditional tape, so enrolled on and completed a two day Kinesio Taping course for horses in February 2013.

Almost immediately a case presented itself in the form of Audley, a 17.2, eight year old Warm Blood eventer. Audley was consistently changing behind in canter in his flatwork and on approaching a jump and had a very asymmetrical muscle bulk of his hind quarters.

Megan was so concerned at his acute muscle asymmetry that she insisted he was checked out by a vet first, to make sure he wasn't suffering from any minor lameness. The report came back clear and so Megan began to treat Audley with Kinesio Taping to the Biceps Femoris muscle of the afflicted hind leg. She also demonstrated to the owners how they could apply the tape themselves between visits.

Almost immediately there was a marked difference in the asymmetry and Audley stopped changing legs on approaching jumps. He has continued to wear Kinesio Tape since and his rider is delighted at his progress. In a recent message to Megan they write: "The big horse (Audley) is great. He has now jumped three double clears, qualified 1*, doesn't change behind at all in the canter and is much stronger."

Although the asymmetry has improved there is still some work to be done here and so Megan is continuing with the Kinesio treatment.

Megan says: "Kinesio Tape has helped improve Audley's muscle imbalance and instability problems much more quickly than I would have expected from exercise therapy alone."

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