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By Kate Slater | 04 July 2014
Patterson Medical

Patterson Medical - past, present and future

Patterson Medical is one of the world's leading suppliers of rehabilitation and specialist medical solutions. The company offers over 20,000 different health products and supplies thousands of hospitals, private clinics and retail outlets across the UK, France, USA, Canada, France, Australia and New Zealand.

Patterson Medical started supplying Kinesio Taping in 2008 and has since seen demand grow rapidly from a few private physiotherapy clinics initially, to NHS Trusts, private clinics and large retailers throughout the UK.

Tim Daniels, Marketing Director at Patterson Medical says: "Added value is very much part of our mission at Patterson Medical. We offer an extremely wide portfolio of products with a, 24-hour dispatch commitment. In today's marketplace we must compete vigorously but we choose to do it through product innovation and added value, rather than by aggressive selling and cutting corners.

"We pride ourselves on our ability to supply effectiveproducts and solutions that improve the quality of people's lives. We not only providedistinctive, tried and tested products that we know offer positive clinical outcomes but we also assist our customers with a range of support and training to enable them to gain the optimum benefit from these products"'.

Marketing Communications Manager Andy Hawkyard continues:"Our relationship with Kinesio UK is a great example of how this approach works well. Kinesio is a highly distinctive brand with an impressive track record in fantastic results as well as an ongoing, highly visible list of sporting celebrities who endorse it.

"Because of Kinesio's global reputation, our physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractor and occupational therapy customers are naturally interested in it, but as an added extrawe also offer them full Kinesio training onsite at our Nottinghamshire headquarters. They are then qualified to apply Kinesio taping which not only gives them a useful, additional skill and qualification, but for private therapistsoften brings themextra clients. It all adds up to happy suppliers and very satisfiedcustomers."'

Patterson Medical has an interesting history. The company originated in the 1940s as "Homecraft"' in Tooting, South London, where it supplied art and craft materials to wounded soldiers from World War II to keep them usefully occupied during their convalescence ? a vital component of the burgeoning "Occupational Therapy"' profession. The original product lines were then enhanced with new items that would help to rehabilitate patients and aid everyday activities like walking, eating and washing. In a very short time, the company was a UK market leader, supplying daily living aids to Occupational Therapists in hospitals and Local Authorities.

In the 1990s Homecraft was acquired by Smith & Nephew and expanded internationally before being sold to AbilityOne who already owned Sammons Preston the largest US distributor of physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment. Once Homecraft and Sammons Preston were merged, there was a significant expansion of products and from a 300 page catalogue with 3,000 products, the company was now offering a global, one stop shop for rehabilitation supplies with a 1000 page catalogue and over 12,000 products.

In 2003, the company was bought by the NASDAQ listed Patterson Companies, a substantial US distributor of Dental and Veterinary products, and would now become known as Patterson Medical.

Under Patterson ownership, the company moved to a purpose built facility and head office at Huthwaite in Nottinghamshire while it keeps technical services and medical customer services at Glossop in Derbyshire.

Since then Patterson Medical has grown considerably through acquisition, buying Oldham based Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Sports Medicine supplier Mobilis in 2009, followed by Physio Med Services and Days Healthcare in 2010.

Patterson Medical is the UK market leader in physiotherapy and occupational therapy supplies, with a significant share of the global market. The company supplies 20,000 different healthcareproducts to NHS and private hospitals and clinics, private practitioners including physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractitioners, as well as to sports clubs and governing bodies, in fact the company was the primary supplier of physiotherapy equipment to the 2012 London Olympics. Patterson Medical also services the growing consumer market through mobility shops and large retailers including Amazon and Boots.

There have been many challenges and changes throughout Patterson Medical's 75 year old life and the company is now developing a robust digital and online presence to complement its existing supply systems, which will be fully operational in 2015.

Says Tim Daniels: "Patterson Medical is looking to the future with excitement and optimism. With the acquisition of many new businesses, the last few years have been about consolidation, integration, and continued growth through a recession. Business can never stand still, as our successful history has demonstrated and Patterson Medical will continue to differentiate its proposition, offer a comprehensive range of the latest, tried and tested, quality products in the marketplace and provide the very best service to customers, well into the 21st century."'

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