Instructors on board until 2017!
By Kate Slater | 19 November 2014

Kinesio UK is delighted to announce that six of their highly qualified Kinesio taping instructors who teach Kinesio taping techniques professionally to hundreds of health professionals throughout the UK every year, have successfully been re-certified by none other than the founding father of Kinesio himself Dr Kenzo Kase!

This is excellent news as it means that popular Kinesio UK instructors: Jason Graham, Joe Mitchell, Angela Petrocchi, Lee Clark, Gudrun Collins and Sabrina Collins have once again received CKTI Certification, can use the letters KTAI (Kinesio Taping Association Instructor) after their names and remain teaching KT1, 2 and 3 courses in the UK.

In order to maintain and preserve the extremely high standards of Kinesio courses, Kinesio instructors must "re-certify" every three years to ensure they are continuing to coach, explain and demonstrate Kinesio taping at the optimum level. Because the research and technology behind Kinesio Tape is constantly being progressed and improved, recertification also offers instructors the opportunity to explore the latest developments behind this amazing product and also to learn new and highly effective taping techniques for a range of different painful and debilitating conditions.

Future Kinesio course can be confident that - unlike some other therapeutic taping "tutors" - all Kinesio instructors have achieved a very high standard of academic and clinical knowledge as well as up-to-date, practical, hands-on "know-how" in order to pass this demanding test of knowledge and skill.

In addition to the original six, a brand new Kinesio Instructor has now joined the impressive Kinesio teaching team to make seven. Dr Michael Lee is a highly qualified and skilful physical therapy practitioner with expertise in human movement and performance. He is Director and Principle Physiotherapist of Mi.To Therapy in Sheffield, Sports Physiotherapist to Leicester City Football Club and also a regular and respected broadcast media commentator on all things sports injury related! Kinesio UK is very pleased to have Michael on board and we are looking forward to working with him.

Recertification and new certification of all official Kinesio instructors from around the world takes place at an annual three-day residential event. This year it was held in Italy.

All candidates are expected to have a strong working knowledge of the KT 1-3 programme and of the current Kinesio Taping tensions and application techniques before arrival. The re-certification process involves demanding lectures, presentations to the group and examiners on randomly assigned clinical concepts and conditions, tests and practical sessions, screening tests, muscle tests and Kinesio application tests, culminating in a gruelling 20 minute assessment to examiners.

Becoming a Kinesio Taping Instructor is certainly not an easy option and Kinesio UK is immensely proud that all seven UK instructors have come through with flying colours! Congratulations to you all!

Kinesio Taping training for health practitioners occurs most weeks throughout the UK and anyone interested should check the Kinesio website ( for news of courses in their areas. Background information on all Kinesio instructors is also available here.

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