Kinesio Courses 2015...Early Bird Discount!
By Holly Thacker | 03 December 2014



Kinesio UK are delighted to announce our 2015 EARLY BIRD discount!

Simply reserve your place on ANY Kinesio Taping Course with a £50/ €50 deposit between

Monday 12th December 2014 and Monday 12th January 2015

Bookings can be made online or by telephoning 0191 2877008

For over 25 years Kinesio Taping has been breaking new ground in the fields of sports performance, pain management and physical therapy. The Kinesio Taping method involves taping over and around muscles in order to assist, give support and to prevent over-contraction. Kinesio Taping alleviates pain and facilitates lymphatic drainage by microscopically lifting the skin by forming convolutions, thus increasing interstitial space. The result is that pressure and irritation are taken off the neural and sensory receptors, alleviating pain. Pressure is gradually taken off the lymphatic system, allowing it to channel more freely. With over 50,000 Kinesio practitioners now trained worldwide, Kinesio Taping has become very popular and demand for it as a treatment in the UK is growing rapidly...

And if you're thinking of fulfilling your CPD requirements don't forget...

Kinesio courses are worth 16 hours of CPD, and are available on both weekends, and weekdays to suit your schedule. A certificate of attendance will be supplied to you after completion of the course. In addition, after the KT1-2 course you will receive a short trial access to the Kinesio Taping Association International, which includes access to videos, forums and the extensive research library.

Merry Christmas from all at

*All deposit payments are non-refundable.
Prices advertised on the website between Monday 15th December 2014 and Monday 12th January 2015 have automatically had the discount applied.
Offer ends at midnight on 12th January

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