Heidi gets it taped!
By Kate Slater | 25 March 2015

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
(with kinesio)

Heidi Montag raised a few eyebrows on the red carpet at The Paley Centre in Beverley Hills recently when she was seen with an unusual accessory - black Kinesio tape all over her right arm! It matched her black tank top and leather trousers perfectly!

But unusually for a red carpet event, this wasn't a fashion accessory! Heidi has had minor surgery for severe tendonitis and the tape has been applied by her physiotherapist to ease the pain and help the muscles heal faster!

Says Heidi: "I forgot my jacket and Spencer said it looked cool so I went for it. I felt like I had a giant tattoo. It was so cool!"

Heidi, who's an American television personality, singer, fashion designer and author, sprang to attention after appearing in The Hills. She began dating fellow cast member Spencer Pratt, they married in April 2009 and the couple are nicknamed "Speidi"

Kinesio UK has wished her all the best for a speedy recovery. We're sure it will be much faster now that Heidi is using Kinesio!

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