Charlton Athletic Women tape their pain away!
By Kate Slater | 08 April 2015

A variety of Charlton Athletic Women players with Kinesio tape as applied by Erin Rose

Charlton Athletic Women's Football Club is based in Greenwich, London and runs three Women's Teams and five junior teams.

The Women's First team play in the FA Women's Premier League Southern Division, the highest standard league in Women's Winter football. They also compete in the FA Women's Cup, the FA Women's Premier League Cup, Capital (London) Cup and Ryman Cup.

All the teams are great fans of Kinesio Tape for pain relief and rehabilitation having been introduced to it during the 2014/2015 season through their sports therapist Erin Rose. Erin runs ER Sports Therapy ( and works with a number of different athletes and sports teams including Medway Tri and Charlton Athletic Women.

As a qualified Kinesio practitioner and avid user of Kinesio Tape for all sorts of injuries from torn hamstrings to whiplash, Erin carries Kinesio in her kit bag at all times.

Former professional footballer turned Senior Physiotherapist Simon Webster supervises the medical team at Charlton Athletic Women. Simon played for Tottenham Hotspur, Sheffield United, Charlton Athletic (where he was club captain) and West Ham.

Simon retired from professional football after suffering a fractured tibia and fibula but took that experience through to the next stage of his career and trained as a physio. He now works for Nuffield Health as a Physiotherapy Manager and Lead Physiotherapist and in his spare time he looks after Charlton Athletic Women.

Simon admits to being a little sceptical when Erin produced Kinesio Tape to treat players' injuries but now comments:

"I have found it has helped with post game impact injuries and contusions. It has also helped to reduce post-surgery inflammation and also post-game joint inflammation and it has provided support to rehabilitated ankle injuries. One player has even ditched the traditional Zinc taping in favour of Kinesio on game day."

"Our best results seem to be with managing soft tissue swelling or oedema, ankle sprains and fat pad impingement around the knee."

"I have tried other brands, some cheaper and some more expensive but Kinesio is by far the best for me. I find some have too much adhesive, causing irritation and you don't get this with Kinesio. I find Kinesio lighter to apply as well, and it doesn't feel too restrictive - unlike some other brands."

Simon and Erin have applied Kinesio to help with a number of different player injuries:

  • Clare Rogers suffered a whiplash injury and they used it to help support her neck muscles, helping with pain relief.
  • Player Kimberley Dixon had debilitating shoulder pain. Erin and Simon used Kinesio tape to help provide support to the shoulder, improving ROM and reducing the ACJ pain.
  • Alex Baker suffered impact to her Tibia during a game and went on to experience Tibial contusion and Periosteum inflammation. Kinesio was applied to help reduce inflammation and aid pain relief.
  • Player Sophie Blowers had an ATFL injury and has always traditionally been taped with EAB/ Zinc Oxide tape. Simon and Erin suggested she tried Kinesio and now she refuses to use any other taping. She says it is because Kinesio offers support whilst allowing movement with no restrictions.

Simon Webster says: "Having used Kinesio as part of a comprehensive treatment package, we have definitely seen some positive results. We are really grateful to have Kinesio on board. It's surprising how much use it gets now!"

Erin Rose says: "Kinesio is always in my kitbag as I find it helps with so much! From pre- game support taping to post-game and post-surgery recovery. It never ceases to amaze me the uses Kinesio has and what it can do!"

You can find out more about the team by going to and you can follow them on Twitter at @CAFCWomen

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