Superdrug gets super tape!
By Kate Slater | 10 April 2015

Kinesio UK is delighted to announce that from Monday 26 January, its handy, pre-cut packs of therapeutic taping will be available for sale in Superdrug!

There will be individual Kinesio pre-cut packs on sale to treat Knee, Back, Foot, Arm and Shoulder from Price each. Each pack comes with simple instructions on how to apply.

Kinesio Taping is brightly coloured therapeutic tape used in NHS, in sports medicine and in private health care to ease and control a multitude of different, painful conditions.

Kinesio can relieve pain, reduce lymphatic swelling, strengthen muscles, protect against muscle injury, and aid joint misalignment in all ages.

It creates a lifting effect on skin that improves circulation, alleviates pain, and depending on its application, relaxes or stimulates muscles.

Kinesio?s effectiveness for helping sports injuries in particular saw it rocket to global fame in the UK during the London 2012 Olympics when athletic stars from over 80 different countries competed whilst wearing it. It?s now rare to see a premiership football match without a player decked in its bright stripes. Kinesio is used by physiotherapists to help everyday injuries, for instance, lower back pain and frozen shoulder in people of all ages. You will also now find it increasingly used in paediatric medicine and by cancer and lymphoedema specialists to alleviate the distressing swelling of lymphoedema.

Kevin Anderson, Managing Director of Kinesio UK says: ?Kinesio Tape?s visibility on the international sports arena, in the NHS and in everyday life, plus excellent research and first-hand accounts of its effectiveness, has led to an increased demand from people of all ages.

?We?re delighted to see Kinesio pre-cut tape on Superdrug shelves. It?s also great news for all those people who prefer a drug-free alternative to pain relief. You can now pop into Superdrug and literally ?tape away the swelling and discomfort with Kinesio in no time!

?We will also be offering professional advice and even a taping service from Kinesio-qualified practitioners who will be in store to help Superdrug customers.?

Superdurg say?Kinesio Tape is being used increasingly in all walks of life and we believe our customers will appreciate being able to quickly choose whichever type of Kinesio they need straight off the Superdrug shelves. We are also particularly happy at the additional in-store advice available from Kinesio because Superdrug champions the very best service to our customers at all times.?

For clinicians, boxes and rolls of Kinesio Tape are available online from

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