Kinesio - the winning formula for racing Laura!
By Kate Slater | 08 August 2015

Laura Tillett is a name to look out for in British formula racing. The 24 year old from Caterham in Kent has been racing since the age of 11 and is really starting to make her mark on the motorsport world.

She's also a huge fan of Kinesio tape - but not for the usual reasons. Read on and find out how it has probably saved her career (her words not ours!).

Laura has steadily moved up through the ranks since she was a child and has now competed in every major championship in karting. She is now the first British female driver ever to qualify and compete in the official FIA World Karting Championships at the highest level.

She then moved on to cars and this year Laura competed in the Indian MRF Challenge Championship as well as the Volkswagen Cup Championship. She's hoping to make the top five drivers this year which will give her a great start to 2016 and the MRF next year.

There has even been some sibling rivalry at the European Karting Championship at Kristianstad Sweden recently. Having watched her little brother race at this level for months and despite being out of carting for three years, the intrepid Laura decided to go for it and do a single round of the highest carting level. Not only did she make the Final of the Europeans, but more importantly she also managed to beat her brother!

So where does Kinesio tape come into the picture? Certainly not for the usual hamstrings or shin splints in Laura's case. Here's what she says:

"I rely on Kinesio tape and have done for 4 years now, it has helped to keep me on top form for my racing and training.

"I damaged my neck badly five years ago whilst racing and simply couldn't find anything to help support and relieve my neck.

"Top level kart racing is very strenuous on the body and most of all on the neck. Once it had been damaged, it was very important for me to find a sustainable solution to allow me to continue racing. As it happened, I had already been buying the Kinesio application packs for a year and once I had used my first neck pack and noticed the amazing support it gave me, I was hooked.

"After a year of using the product which was literally saving my career, I contacted Kinesio UK for some specialist advice on my neck problem and was given products to help. I am so grateful for all the assistance I have received from Kinesio over the past three years and I literally don't know whether I would be racing today without their help.

"Once I had moved from karts to cars I continued to use Kinesio on my neck, but I also found that with the blisters I was gaining from the steering wheel, Kinesio was the perfect product to help stop them from tearing or in some cases even stop them from appearing. I have also used Kinesio taping for blisters when training in Crossfit and even on a night out when my high heels are starting to rub. I now carry a Kinesio pack around with me everywhere!"

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