Fancy footwork for Dad and daughter!
By Kate Slater | 02 September 2015

Mike Hoey is a professional golfer from Northern Ireland who plays regularly on the European Tour. He has played in two Major Championships as well as two World Golf Championship events and lives in Templepatrick with his wife Bev and two small children.

Mike has won five titles and he is currently playing his seventh consecutive season on the European Tour.

For the last two years, Mike has worn Kinesio every day if he's playing golf - whether it's a practise match or a competition match. The tape is such a feature of his life that his two year old daughter Erin now copies her dad and has to have tape on her feet too!

Says Mike: "A couple of years ago I used to suffer from sore feet after a round, along with mild Plantar Fasciitis. I tried a number of different orthotics but I didn't find them comfortable. My Sports Chiropractor Shane Lawlor suggested trying Kinesio tape daily to give my feet support through the arches. Kinesio - in conjunction with joint mobilisation, soft tissue work and foot exercises - has eliminated the symptoms and discomfort I used to get."

"Kinesio helps the fatigue in my legs and feet and I'm able to recover far more quickly between rounds now. I often don't finish until 8pm and have to be back at the course for 7am the next day. Before I used Kinesio, the discomfort in my feet made this difficult but now I can play in more comfort. I walk about seven miles per day when competing so having the tape in place really makes a difference".

The Kinesio UK team is delighted to hear that Kinesio is working so well for Mike and wish him all the best for the remainder of the season.

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