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By Kate Slater | 09 September 2015

Medway Tri is a Triathlon club that welcomes members of all ages and abilities - from complete beginners or people who simply wish to have fun, to committed athletes and burgeoning champions.

And they're big fans of Kinesio taping!

The club supports, advises and supplies members with all the skills and equipment required to enhance their triathlon experience and develop performance.

Club members train at different venues all around the Medway towns and sessions are arranged around ability and age. Membership is from only 30 per year and includes numerous benefits and discounts.

Medway Tri was launched in 2013 by Dean Ratcliffe, a passionate local triathlete, along with a team of talented athletes.

Dean has been competing in triathlons since 2008 and has competed in the GB age group team in seven World Championships and six European Championships.

Dean is now Chairman and Head Coach (BTF Level 3) at Medway Tri and is supported by four more BTF qualified coaches.

Two years after its launch with 30 members, Medway Tri now has a membership of 239 - with 183 adults and 56 juniors.

The club has a vision to have fun whilst producing elite athletes, and to become recognised as the number one triathlon club in England. To be 'An Elite club, but not Elitist!'

Dean says: "I'm seeing more and more Medway Tri members at the run and cycle track wearing Kinesio tape. I know from personal experience that support from Kinesio helps athletes continue training with minor injuries and protects against further muscle and tendon damage. I have used it myself for calf, Achilles and hip flexor injuries and it helped me recover as well as continue to train, when previously it would not have been possible."

Erin Rose is the club's therapist and offers all aspects of Sports Therapy, specialising in Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release along with injury management and rehab. She is also proud to be a qualified Kinesio practitioner and ambassador.

Chris Parry taping

She says: "I have tried several other brands of taping and I find Kinesio is different in many ways. Not only is it thinner, making it easier to wear as some tapes can be too heavy on the skin, causing movement restrictions but I also find Kinesio easier to apply. In addition, the Kinesio adhesive does not irritate the skin like some other brands do. Finally, Kinesio simply gives great results. I simply love what it does and always carry it in my kit bag and have it in my clinic!"

Erin continues: "Triathletes often suffer from "over-use" injuries, shoulder problems, hamstring or calf strains. Kinesio tape can help with the early stages of injury. I use web-cut techniques to help reduce inflammation and then apply support taping during the rehab phase.

Erin recalls three Medway Tri members who have particularly benefitted from Kinesio: "I used Kinesio on triathlete Chris Parry to help with calf tears and then more recently during acute patella femoral pain, firstly to help with pain relief and then to support back into training.

Ade Grimmond taping

"Ade Grimmond used to suffer from really tight calf muscles early on, which used to cramp easily. By using Kinesio web technique to help with early inflammation, myofascial release as well as some postural correction, this problem has been corrected.

Bola Mogaji taping

"Another triathlete, Bola Mogaji, came in with quite severe right ankle inflammation following an Ultra event. I used Kinesio web-cut technique to help reduce inflammation and along with hands-on techniques and rehab soon got the ankle back to full fitness."

Dean Ratcliffe hopes to make Medway Tri one of the biggest triathlon clubs in the Country and give the community within and surrounding the Medway area, every chance to get involved in Triathlon and its component events.

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