Rugby legends queue up for Kinesio relief!
By Kate Slater | 08 October 2015

Kinesio UK kicked off the start of the 2015 Rugby World Cup by providing pitchside Kinesio treatment during training sessions and at the Southern Hemisphere vs Falcon Legends Rugby World Cup match held at the Newcastle ground at Kingston Park on the 2nd October 2015.

The Southern Hemisphere vs Falcon Legends Rugby World Cup game was a feature opener to the RWC 2015 celebrations, involving World Cup winners Matthew Burke (Australia - 81 caps) and Marius Hurter (South Africa - 13 Caps), alongside Carlo Del Fava (Italy - 54 Caps) and southern hemisphere players including Stefan Treblanche (South Africa - 37 Caps) and Thinius Delport (South Africa - 18 Caps).

The training session, held at the Rugby World Cup Newcastle Fanzone, was inundated by star rugby players eager to have every painful part of their bodies treated and taped.

Amongst the many players who benefitted were:

Craig Hamilton (Scottish International) suffered from acute pain from calf strains in both legs due to over-training. He had serious doubts about whether he could play at all on the day. Black Kinesio tape was used to provide inhibition and decompression to both legs (see photograph). Kinesio taping allowed him to continue playing for the rest of the day and well into the evening!

Cory Harris (New Zealand flanker and former player for the Falcons, Celtic Warriors, Pontypridd, Bridgend and Canterbury) suffered from a painful right shoulder which restricted his upwards movement and would have made it very tricky and uncomfortable to play. Cory was already a regular user of Kinesio and was pleased to see the stall at the side of the pitch! The Kinesio team provided advice and applied tape for joint impingement to support his shoulder - this eased the pain on movement during the match.

Hall Charlton, originally from Durham, is a former Newcastle Falcons scrum half and now works as a highly respected Rugby Coach at Blaydon Rugby Club. Hall suffered from tight hamstrings, following a hip operation, and was relieved to have the acute discomfort instantly relieved with Kinesio Tape.

Former Newcastle Falcons player Jason Oakes suffered from pain due to tight hamstrings. The Kinesio team rose to the challenge and Jason left a happy man with both legs taped and comfortable again.

The Legends match was described as "one of the most acclaimed events held at Kingston Park in recent years" and the game raised substantial funds for the Falcons Community Foundation, Wooden Spoon Foundation and Bill McLaren Foundation.

Kevin Anderson, Managing Director of Kinesio UK said: "Athletes all over the world now recognise the instant and ongoing relief from pain that Kinesio offers. Kinesio UK was honoured and delighted to have a high profile presence at this prestigious event and to be able to help so many world class sports stars. The spoils of the game were shared by both teams which reflected the high skills and ability within both teams. It was an amazing atmosphere and spectators thoroughly enjoyed the match - and Kinesio taping certainly helped many of the players enjoy the event more than they had originally anticipated!"

The full list of players at the match was as follows:

Newcastle Falcons Legends

15 Matt Burke 14 Michael Stephenson 13 Pete Massey 12 Jamie Noon 11 Jim Naylor 10 Tom May 9 Gary Armstrong; 1 Micky Ward 2 Steve Brotherstone 3 Robbie Morris 4 Garath Archer 5 Doddie Weir 6 Hugh Vyvyan 7 Cory Harris 8 Ben Woods

Replacements: 16 Ian Peel 17 Stuart Grimes 18 Jason Oakes 19 Andy Perry 20 Andrew Mower 21 Peter Walton 22 Jim Jenner 23 Hall Charlton 24 Anth Elliott 25 Rob Andrew

Southern Hemisphere Legends

15 Thinius Delport 14 Stefan Treblanche 13 Andre Snyman 12 Terry Fanolua 11 Mike Umaga 10 Henry Paul 9 James Grindal; 1 James Isaacson 2 Kati Tuipolotu 3 Marius Hurter 4 Carlo Del Fava 5 Opeta Palepoi 6 Junior Paramore 7 Apolosi Satala 8 Alfie To'oala

Replacements: 16 Gavin Kerr 17 Craig Hamilton 18 James Ponton 19 Tim Fourie 20 Lome Fa'atau 21 Dan Scarborough 22 Spencer Davey 23 David Richardson 24 Peter Beardsley

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