Sports & Clinical Uses - Kinesio Taping Conference Preview
By Kinesio UK | 19 September 2016

Kinesio Conference at Therapy Expo - Sports and Clinical uses of Kinesio Taping

In the build up to the first Kinesio UK Conference we’ll be taking a closer look at the event programme, the topics covered and our guest speakers on a weekly basis. To start us off, this week we’re previewing our Sports and Clinical uses of Kinesio Taping segments.

The conference starts on Wednesday 23rd November and international CKTI Frank Tore Jacobsen will present a research review at 9.45am, looking at recent study outcomes from the latest research and highlighting some of the key areas for future Kinesio Taping research.

Following Frank Tore, chartered sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapist Chris Boynes will be discussing the benefits of Kinesio taping for a variety of musculoskeletal and sports injuries. Chris will share his experiences of Kinesio Taping for sports and demonstrate key applications as part of the overall diagnoses and treatment.

Wednesday comes to a close with Tape It - Essential Taping for Your Clinic, where CKTI’s (Certified Kinesio Taping Instructors) Joe Mitchell and Jason Graham will present a practical and informative workshop covering Kinesio Taping applications for conditions regularly seen in a 'everday clinical setting'. Joe and Jason will discuss how to tape through different phases of injury and demonstrate the latest EDF techniques. Whether you’re new to Kinesio Taping or experienced, there will be something for you to take away from this practical session.

On Thursday 24th November, Frank Tore Jacobsen joins us again, this time to review Scapula Dyskinesis and present ways to implement Kinesio taping techniques for rehabilitation of the condition. With shoulder pain second only to back pain in terms of musculoskeletal complaints in a primary care setting, this workshop will shine a light on a major source of focus for therapists.

At 2:30pm Lee Clark; CKTI and chartered human and equine physiotherapist, will review the Kinesio Taping techniques commonly used for horses, alongside a selection of applications and their benefits for the riders. The use of Kinesio Tape within veterinary medicine is an extremely popular topic at the moment and Lee will be on hand to share his experience and knowledge.

The final part of our programme draws the Kinesio UK conference to a close with our 'Ask the Kinesio Taping Experts' panel, where speakers who have presented over the two days will be on hand to take questions and provide practical advice about the uses of Kinesio Taping. We’ll also be presenting awards to research students in what should be a great way to end the conference.

Be sure to check back next week when we’ll be previewing the next part of the Kinesio UK Conference programme.

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We look forward to seeing you there!

To download a copy of the electronic conference programme please CLICK HERE

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Kinesio UK Conference at Therapy Expo 2016!
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