Fascia, Paediatrics and Pregnancy - Kinesio Taping Conference Preview
By Kinesio UK | 04 October 2016

We continue our preview of the Kinesio UK Conference programme this week by looking at Fascia and Paediatrics. The majority of our fascia specific presentations take place on Wednesday 23rd November and it sees two of our internationally renowned speakers take the stage to discuss how Kinesio taping techniques affect the fascia and how that may influence further research and treatment.

Frank Tore Jacobsen will be looking at Kinesio taping and its effects beneath the skin on Wednesday morning, 11:45AM. Using basic physics and practical examples, Frank will explain how different Kinesio Taping techniques affect the skin and tissues. The session will demonstrate how different widths, stretch, convolutions and recoil of the tape have an influence on the skin. Frank is part of the Kinesio International Research and Advisory so this should be a great talk for those who are interested in how Kinesio Tape functions.

At 1:30PM on Wednesday Professor Can Yucesoy of the Biomedical Engineering Institute of Bo aziçi University, Istanbul, will present his analysis of Kinesio Taping on muscular and connective tissues using magnetic resonance imaging analysis (MRI). He will discuss the results of his 2015 study and talk about some of the early findings from his most recent data concerning myofascial force transmission. Can's research into Kinesio taping is extremely exciting and his presentation should be one of the highlights of the programme for those interested in a deeper understanding of the mechanism of Kinesio taping's effects.

In our Wednesday afternoon sessions we are covering pregnancy and paediatric care. We will focus on how Kinesio Tape is being used in both areas, starting with Chartered Physiotherapist, Angela Petrocchi. In this lecture Angela will discuss how Kinesio taping applications can be used to assist the anatomical and physiological changes which occur during pregnancy. One of Angela's main focuses in her clinic is on assisting expectant mums and she has seen how Kinesio Taping can bring relief to common pregnancy-related problems such as lower back pain, Pubis-Symphysis Disorders and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Angela will be on hand to discuss treatment and demonstrate some beneficial applications.

In the penultimate lecture of the day Samantha Payne, who has an Msc in Neurological Rehabilitation, will talk about how Kinesio Taping can be used in Paediatric Care. Samantha currently works for Somerset Partnership NHSFT and has been dealing in paediatric care for many years. She will present her experiences and examples of their clinical results during this segment.

Next week we'll round up the course programme preview by looking at Kinesio Tapings use in the NHS and patient care and look at the academic research presentations.

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