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By Kinesio UK | 20 October 2016

In our final preview of the Kinesio Conference programme we'll be looking at Kinesio Taping in Healthcare and Hospitals. This part of the conference will be taking place on Thursday morning and will presentations from a variety of experienced professionals who are using Kinesio Taping in everyday clinical settings. Kinesio Taping is an effective clinical therapy used within many hospital departments - including physiotherapy, occupational therapy & cancer services.

Beginning at 10:30AM, Clair Finnemore and Janet Beardsmore, who work as Clinical Specialists in Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation for Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS will discuss using Kinesio Tape for neurological rehabilitation. One of the key functional areas of Kinesio Taping is as an effective modality for neurological dysfunctions, including muscle weakness, fatigue, spasticity, swallowing and balance disorders. Clair and Janet will present a lecture as well as demonstrations of taping techniques that can be used for a broad range of neurological conditions with a focus on their clinical experience in the field.

Following from Clair and Janet will be a collection of 3 presentations which will cover Kinesio Taping in a hospital setting. Rachel Routledge will cover Kinesio Taping within Urgent Care. Rachel is an Injury and Illness Practitioner in the Urgent Care Centre at Bishop Auckland Hospital. She has twenty years experience of nursing and the last nine have been as Nurse Practitioner. Her knowledge of Kinesio Taping and position within the hospital allows her to be at the forefront of patient care, using her skills and knowledge to provide Kinesio Taping for a broad range of injuries.

Jane Vadher will then present an overview of Kinesio Taping in Hand Therapy. Jane is currently a Clinical Specialist Hand Therapist at BMI Healthcare, The Ridgeway in Swindon and takes referrals from hand surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists and GP's. Jane is also part of the British Association of Hand Therapy's education sub-committee and will share her experiences of using Kinesio Taping in her treatment plans.

Sarah-Jayne Wilson will close this part of the programme and will discuss the use of Kinesio Taping in treating lymphoedema. Kinesio Taping has had a great impact on the treatment of lymphoedema and is recognised as an effective modality in the treatment of lymphoedema by many healthcare professionals. Sarah works as a Lead specialist Lymphoedema Nurse at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust, seeing patients with primary and secondary lymphoedema, obesity related lymphoedema and lipodema in a community clinic or home setting. She uses Kinesio Tape on a daily bases as part of lymphoedema management and will present her experiences in the final part of the Kinesio Taping in a Hospital Setting.

All of the presentations will also follow a short Q&A with the speaker to answer and questions that the audience may have about the techniques show or about potential treatment methods of a range of conditions.

We'll also be providing a platform for researchers as part of the Kinesio Taping Association International's commitment to on going development and understanding of Kinesio Taping. A selection of research presentations by students will be part of our midday programme on both the Wednesday and Thursday where the students will discuss the methods and outcomes of their own work and what they mean for Kinesio Taping in the present and going forward.

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