Dysphagia management using Kinesio Tape
By Kate Slater | 01 October 2018

Dysphagia management using Kinesio Tape

Whilst this is a new area for research, from initial feedback, it is hoped that Kinesio Tape could be used effectively as a rehabilitative tool to help patients with feeding and swallowing. Kinesio previously spoke to Judith Macias-Harris and Marie Hernandez McManus (CKTP), based in the USA, about using Kinesio Tape for dysphagia...

"Swallowing disorders, or Dysphagia, may result from anatomic abnormalities in the oral cavity, pharyngx, larynx, or oesophagus, or from physiologic disturbances in the control of these structures..... In essence, the alignment of the oral structures for feeding is related to head, trunk, and postural stability. The "entire body"-from the head to the feet, as well as a "change in positioning" will affect the swallowing process. The importance of postural control in dysphagia/feeding management has been described in the literature, however, "how" to implement postural compliance in the patient?s plan of care is limited. The essence of Kinesio Tape is on corrective techniques for muscle rehabilitation. Muscle inhibition, facilitation, and correction taping techniques already exist with aiding muscle group deficits affiliated with jaw, trunk, and pelvic stability. Reflecting on traditional dysphagia management methods (diet texture modifications, thickeners, static oral motor exercises, thermal stimulation) - we think it's time to "think outside the box" and master the art of muscle mechanics as part of the plan of care in dysphagia management."

We'd love to hear from any UK therapists who have experience in this area - if you do, please get in touch - info@kinesiotaping.co.uk!

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