Treatment with Therapeutic bandages to control equine post-Arthroscopic Tibio-Patellofemoral Swelling
By Journal of Equine Veterinary Science | 23 February 2017
Sample Size:12


To evaluate the effect of therapeutic bandages, the Kinesio Taping Method, in controlling swelling following arthroscopic tibio-patellofemoral surgery in horses.

Study Design

In vivo experimental study.

Materials and Methods

Twelve horses undergoing experimental tibio-patellofemoral arthroscopy were divided into two groups: 6 animals in the control group (without tape) and 6 animals in the treatment group that received therapeutic bandages based on the Kinesio Taping Method. All of the horses were evaluated by thermography of the lateral and cranial aspect of the joint as well as by a perimeter assessment of the tibio-patellofemoral joint.


The treatment group showed greater control of postoperative swelling with a significant reduction in swelling after 24 hours of treatment compared to the control group staying up to 72 hours, but there were no significant differences in temperature based on the thermography.


In this study, which was unprecedented in horses, the use of therapeutic bandages resulted in a significant reduction in postoperative swelling of tibio-patellofemoral arthroscopy in horses compared with control group. While often employed in human rehabilitation, this therapy is potentially beneficial for veterinary rehabilitation, specifically in horses.

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