Acute effects of Kinesio taping on muscle function and self-perceived fatigue level in healthy adults
By European Journal of Sport Science | 13 March 2017
Type:Randomized,Double Blind, CrossOver
Sample Size:18


This study investigated the acute effects of Kinesio taping (KT) on muscular power, strength, endurance, and self-perceived fatigue level. This is a randomized, partial double-blind, crossover trial. Eighteen healthy adults (7 males [23.86 1.68 years] and 11 females [24.82 3.71 years]) were enrolled in this study. All subjects underwent three different trials which included no tap (NT), placebo tap (PT), and KT. Idividuals were assessed for peak and mean power, muscular strength and endurance, and self-perceived fatigue after each condition. The results revealed no significant differences in all variables (p > 0.05) except muscular endurance (F = 5.775, p = 0.007). Muscular endurance in the NT (58.28 12.18 reps/min) condition was significantly higher than that in the KT (52.83 11.76 reps/min) condition. These results suggest that KT on rectus femoris and the patella of the lower limb does not improve muscular function and self-perceived fatigue level. KT is unlikely to enhance exercise performance capacity in healthy adults.

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