The Effects of a Kinesio® Tape Application on Intramuscular Tissue Temperature Change During a 20-Minute Cryotherapy Application
By ProQuest | 01 March 2017
Sample Size:20


The methodology for this research study was specifically designed to investigate whether or not Kinesio® Tape would act as a barrier during a cryotherapy application. Previous research has concluded that certain dressings can act as a barrier and impede the decrease in temperature in the underlying tissue. However, the properties of Kinesio® Tape are supposed to mimic the properties of skin. The thickness of Kinesio® Tape is miniscule compared to other barriers such as a plaster cast or an ace bandage. Due to this property, there were no statistically significant results found in intramuscular tissue temperature change comparing the use of the tape application and no application. This research has provided evidence-based support that the use of cryotherapy over a Kinesio® Tape application will have no adverse effects.

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