Physical Therapy Intervention in the Management of a Patient with Lymphedema Secondary to Oropharyngeal Cancer
By ProQuest | 01 April 2017
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Background and Purpose

This case report describes the treatment of lymphedema secondary to oropharyngeal cancer utilizing a multi-modal approach.

Case Description

The patient was a 52-year-old male treated in outpatient physical therapy following chemoradiation treatment for tongue base cancer. He presented with increased edema of the neck, as well as decreased cervical mobility and range of motion. Based on these impairments, the patient was diagnosed with secondary lymphedema of the neck. Physical therapy treatment consisted of MLD, manual therapy techniques to improve cervical mobility restrictions, fitting for a compression garment, application of Kinesio® Tape for lymphedema reduction, and patient education for independent lymphedema management.


Following nine weeks of intervention, the patient demonstrated improved cervical mobility and range of motion, as well as decreased edema in the neck region. The patient and his spouse were both independent in manual lymph drainage techniques and proper Kinesio® Tape application.


The results of this case report demonstrate the potential for the use of Kinesio® Tape as a component of a multi-modal treatment approach for patients affected by lymphedema secondary to cancer.

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