Does the Direction of Application of Kinesio®Tape have an Effect on Time to Peak Muscle Torque of the Concentric Contraction of the Quadriceps Muscle in Healthy Young Adults?
By ProQuest | 01 May 2017
Sample Size:21


The current study was designed to determine if the direction of application of Kinesio® tape has an effect on the time to peak muscle torque of the concentric quadriceps contraction in the healthy young adult population.


There are many proposed effects of Kinesio®Tape, but the available research on these effects is limited and of poor quality. Previous studies have shown that when the tape is applied from muscle origin to insertion with 25-50% tension on the tape, the time to peak muscle torque is decreased. There have been very few studies investigating the inhibitory effect that Kinesio® tape claims to have by applying the tape from muscle insertion to origin. Further research is necessary to explore the true effects that the directionality of application of the tape has on healthy muscle function.


This study was a randomized clinical trial consisting of 21 participants who performed 10 repetitions of maximum effort concentric quadriceps at 60 degrees/second, 120 degrees/second, and 180 degrees/second in a randomly assigned order of three taping conditions over three testing days. Each participant performed 10 repetitions of maximum effort concentric quadriceps contractions with one of the three taping conditions and without tape on each of the three testing days. The order of taping versus no taping was randomly assigned in addition to the order of the three taping conditions: facilitory Kinesio®Tape application, inhibitory Kinesio®Tape application, and no tension "placebo" Kinesio®Tape application. The Biodex system 4 Pro Isokinetic dynamometer was used to measure the force production of concentric knee extension.


The 21 participants (mean SD age, 25.0 3.63) completed all three testing days of the study. Data analysis displayed no statistically significant differences in

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