The Effects of Conservative Therapy with Kinesio Taping Versus Conservative Therapy Alone in Adults with Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain on Disability and Pain: A Meta-Analysis
By ProQuest | 01 March 2017
Sample Size:20


Determine the effects of Kinesio taping (KT) with a conservative therapy program versus conservative therapy program alone in patients age 18-75 with chronic nonspecific low back pain on pain and disability.


Studies analyzing a conservative therapy program with KT compared to a conservative therapy program alone standard were investigated. These studies contained similar treatments, outcome measures, and follow-up periods. Studies were analyzed to determine the treatment effect and homogeneity among studies.


Kinesio tape when added to a conservative therapy program did not result in superior outcomes compared to those who received conservative therapy alone.


The use of conservative therapy with KT has not been shown to be more effective in patients with CNSLBP than conservative therapy alone in improving pain and disability. Continued research is needed with higher-level evidence in the treatment of pain and disability in individuals with CNSLBP.

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