Effect of Kinesio® Tape on Stabilization and Strengthening in People with Chronic Ankle Sprains
By ProQuest | 01 April 2018
Sample Size:2


Kinesio® Tape is an elastic therapeutic tape used for treating a variety of dysfunctions including sports injuries to promote healing, decrease pain, increase range of motion and increase strength according to its creator, Dr. Kenso Kase. It is claimed to provide treatment by lifting the skin and allowing increased blood flow. The aim of this experiment was to measure the effect of KT® Tape on stabilization and strengthening the ankle musculature in those with chronic ankle instability.


Two participants completed a provided strengthening program with one subject using the KT® Tape during the workouts to assess the effect. Ankle stability and peak torque of the ankle evertors was measured prior to and following the strengthening program using the Biodex Balance System SD and Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer.


The results found that the KT® Tape added to a strengthening regime showed greater increase in peak torque of ankle evertors compared to completing the ankle strengthening program alone. Ankle stability however decreased in both the experimental and control group.


This study's results indicate that the KT® Tape has a positive effect on muscle strength, increasing peak torque of the evertors, compared to strengthening program alone, however the experimental group had greater decreased ankle stability overall compared to the control group. This study's results are limited due to small sample size and requires more research to prove results are legitimate.

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