Effect of adhesive elastic tape on excessive pronation of young women
By Physical Therapy in Sport | 01 May 2018
Sample Size:20


Correlate the dynamic valgus with the reistance of the Gluteus Medius in professional soccer players.


A cross-sectional study done during the pre season evaluation of Anapolis players, was conducted at the State University of Goias (UEG). The subjects performed an unipodal squat on a crate and an examiner classified the dynamic knee valgus as absent, mild, moderate, or exaggerated according to the execution of the test. Posteriorly, in lateral decubitus the athletes did a hip abduction with ankle support of 5 Kilograms until it reached the apex of muscular fatigue. The descriptive analysis of the data was done in the Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS).


Sample of 20 athletes with mean age of 25.25 (±4.45) and 16(80%) had no lesion. Valgus was exaggerated in 11 subjects (55%) on the right lower limb(RLL) and in 6 (30%) on the lower limb (LLL). It was found that the lower the gluteus medius resistance of the RLL, the greater the dynamic valgus (r = -0.492, p = 0.027).


It was concluded that there is a correlation between the low resistance of the gluteus medius and the dynamic valgus, showing that this is one of the aspects that must be worked out in the rehabilitation process of the athlete.

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