Can Kinesio-taping be a novel treatment option for emesis gravidarum? A randomized preliminary study
By Eastern Journal of Medicine | 01 September 2018
Type:Randomized, Prospective
Sample Size:77


To investigate the effect of Kinesio taping on nausea and vomiting in women with emesis gravidarum.


This prospective, randomized study included 77 women divided randomly into two groups. The study group received standard medications as metaclopramide(10 mg) twice in a day and vitamin B6(30 mg) single dose in a day and was performed Kinesio taping on the stomach region over the abdomen, while the control group received only the standard medications for treatment of emesis gravidarum. The degree of nausea and vomiting was evaluated by a 10-cm visual analogue scale (VAS) and Pregnancy unique quantification of emesis (PUQE) scoring.


There was no statistically significant difference between the two groups regarding mean of age, gravidity, parity, body mass index, gestational weeks at admission. Both groups showed a significant reduction in nausea and vomiting after the treatments. However, when considering the decrease in PUQE scores and VAS scores in groups from baseline at admission to the fifth day of treatment, the Kinesio tape group was significantly superior than the control group(p=0.048).


This randomized, preliminary study demonstrates that Kinesio taping can be a useful and novel treatment option as supplement to the standard medication in the management of emesis gravidarum.

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