Effective Treatment for Chronic Ankle Instability During Lateral Step-Down-Kinesiology Tape, Resistance Exercise, or Both Accompanied With Heel Raise-Lower Exercise?
By Journal of Sport Rehabilitation | 24 April 2019
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Kinesiology tape (KT), multidirectional resistance exercise, and interventions for decreased ankle dorsiflexion range of motion are gaining popularity in the treatment of patients with chronic ankle instability (CAI). However, there is limited evidence of the effectiveness of combined interventions in patients with CAI.


To compare the effects of KT alone, KT with resistance exercise (KT?+?resistance), and KT with resistance and heel raise-lower exercise (KT?+?resistance?+?heel) on the results of the dynamic balance test (star excursion balance test [SEBT]), functional performance (lateral step-down test), and ankle muscle activation in patients with CAI.

Design and Setting

This study used a repeated-measures design in a laboratory setting.

Main Outcome Measures

The participants completed 3 different interventions with a 24-hour rest period between interventions. The SEBT, lateral step-down test, and ankle muscle activation results were used as the outcome measures. All outcomes were assessed before and immediately after the 3 interventions.


The results of the SEBT-anteromedial direction significantly increased with KT?+?resistance (78.61 [16.11] cm, P?=?.01, ES?=?0.50) and KT?+?resistance?+?heel (76.94 [16.00] cm, P?=?.03, ES?=?0.33) in comparison with the baseline values (73.68 [12.84] cm). Additionally, the result of the SEBT-anteromedial direction was significantly greater with KT?+?resistance (78.61 [16.11] cm) than with KT alone (76.00 [14.90] cm, P?=?.05, ES?=?0.18). The number of errors during the lateral step-down test was significantly lower for the KT alone (2.16 [0.90] errors, P?=?.02, ES?=?0.46), KT?+?resistance (2.10 [0.79] errors, P?=?.01, ES?=?0.54), and KT?+?resistance?+?heel (2.03 [0.75] errors, P?=?.003, ES?=?0.61) interventions than the baseline values (2.55 [0.85] errors).


Patients with CAI should be encouraged to perform KT?+resistance to improve balance.

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