Effect of ankle taping on the ankle muscle strength in young healthy women
By Journal of Human Sport and Exercise | 01 July 2019
Sample Size:16


Of the various approaches to manage or prevent injuries on the ankle joint, Kinesio taping improves static posture stability, stimulating the neuromuscular control system. This study aims to investigate of ankle taping on the peak torque and average power of ankle muscle in young heathy women. Taping was applied to the extensor digitorum, tibialis anterior, gastrocnemius, soleus of the ankle in 16 healthy women. Isokinetic measurement of the dorsiflexion and plantarflexion patterns were recorded before and after taping. As a result of this study, the pre-post isokinetic parameters improved significantly for plantarflexion (p<0.05) while those for dorsiflexion did not. Through this study, it was found out that ankle taping improved the muscle power of the plantarflexor of young healthy women, and it is expected that applying ankle taping would help young healthy women.

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