The immediate effect of talocrural joint manipulation on functional performance of 15-40 years old athletes with chronic ankle instability: A double-blind randomized clinical trial
By Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies | 25 January 2017
Type:Randomised, Double Blind
Sample Size:40


To evaluate the immediate effect of talocrural joint manipulation (TCJM) on functional performance of athletes with chronic ankle instability (CAI).


Forty athletes (18males, 22females) with CAI divided into TCJM group (n = 20) and sham manipulation group (n = 20).


TCJM was performed as a quick thrust on the involved talus, in the posterior direction. Sham manipulation was maintaining the same position, without any thrust.

Main Outcome Measures

Functional performance of athletes was assessed with single leg hop; speed and Y balance tests, before and after the interventions.


All functional tests evaluated in this study improved significantly after TCJM (p-value < 0.05). These findings were not seen in the control group. Between-group comparisons also showed significant changes for all the measurements after the interventions (p < 0.05).


TCJM can significantly increase the functional performance of athletes with CIA and can be an effective supplementary treatment for these subjects. However, this was a pre-post study and future studies with long-term follow-ups may provide more reliable results about the long-term effectiveness of this type of treatment.

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