The Effects of Kinesio Taping application on the Pain, Weight-Bearing Distribution, and Walking Ability of Knee Osteoarthritis A Randomized Controlled Trial
By Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research | 01 October 2018
Type:Randomized Clinical Trial
Sample Size:30


This study aimed to identify the effects of kinesio taping (KT) applied in a proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) pattern on the pain, weight-bearing distribution (WBD), and walking ability of knee osteoarthritis (KOA) patients. Thirty women with KOA were randomly allocated to a control group (n=15) with KT at the quadriceps only, and a PNF pattern group (n=15) with KT at the quadriceps and gastrocnemius muscle. Pain intensity was measured using a visual analogue scale during walking. In addition, WBD, and walking ability were measured before and 30 minutes after KT application. The VAS significantly reduced in both groups after the intervention (p<.05). WBD (p<.05, ES=.32) and walking ability (p<.05, ES=.38) showed a significant change in the PNF pattern group, and in the inter-group comparison, the PNF pattern group showed a significant difference compared to the control groups. These results demonstrate that KT application with PNF pattern effectively attenuate the pain and improves WBD and walking ability in KOA patients.

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