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F.I.T Sports Balm

The result of years of research, F.I.T is an effective muscle rub designed to provide relief from muscle injuries and encourage fast recovery. Its non-oil based formula means it absorbs quickly into the skin and penetrates deeply without leaving any residue. F.I.T is a fantastic complementary product to Kinesio Taping, as it can be used as part of
pre-tape preparation, without compromising adhesion.


  • Provides an initial cooling effect followed by a gentle warmth to soothe muscles and joints
  • Is absorbed into the skin in minutes, leaving no sticky or greasy residue making it the perfect accompaniment to Kinesio Taping
  • Contains only natural ingredients with no synthetic painkillers, or additives
  • Accelerates & stimulates circulation in the affected area, enhancing the breakdown of waste cells & facilitating recovery
  • Can be used in conjunction with oils to enhance normal massage.
  • Use as a preventative measure before a workout, or apply it after activity to reduce muscle aches
  • Easy to apply, with a natural fragrance
  • 100ml size
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F.I.T Sports Balm

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